Smarter building = better experiences

We have improved the facilities at the Hive. Access controls, unified Wifi, virtual LAN, printing options, improved CCTV and lighting controls mean a better user experience with reduced barriers for creative monkeys.

  1. Access controls – All members can now access the hive using a smartphone. Each member is given an access key that allows users to unlatch the door using Bluetooth. Simply sign up & send us a text, and we will reply with a link containing the instructions to download the app and the unique key. The E-key improves accessibility and security in a minimal-touch fashion.
  2. Unified Wifi – Allows user/pass to login to WiFi & secure with SSL certificates.
  3. Virtual LAN – The Plus plan option for your own virtual LAN on WiFi and Ethernet for those with special network needs.
  4. Printing options – A print & scan package (100x b&w & 10x colour) for $9/month because sometimes you need to impress with paper.
  5. Improved CCTV – We have improved the CCTV inside and outside for better security. Don’t worry we are not spying on anyone. Better CCTV improves accountability and enables us to review footage in case of an incident. It’s about keeping you and your equipment safe.
  6. Lighting controls – Lighting is now dimmable. The wall switches can be used to adjust the lighting intensity. Choose between two modes for workspace and meeting room. We also have studio lighting for conference calls so you can look your best…

We are all about improving the experience at the hive. Please let us know what you think 🙂

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