4 ways your work environment affets productivity

It’s difficult to be productive with spotty internet and holding a conference call in a coffee shop can be pretty distracting. Less obvious factors play an important role in productivity too. Read on for more tips or make a booking at bellohive.com – desks from $7

The design of your office matters. Nothing kills innovation and productivity more than a cubicle. As a result, non-traditional workspaces have grown in popularity among entrepreneurs and startups. With amenities such as flexible work stations, private conference rooms, and invigorating breakout spaces, coworking communities provide teams with unique accommodations and amenities to help drive innovation.

Which details make the biggest impact on energy and creativity? Some are obvious. It’s difficult to be productive with spotty internet and holding a conference call in a coffee shop can be pretty distracting. Less obvious factors play an important role in productivity too. Details such as office layout, wall color, and type of desk may seem frivolous, but they can provide immediate boosts to your efficiency.

1. Brighten the Mood with Color

Did you know that office wallpaper has a profound impact on your mood? A recent study by the University of Texas found that bland gray, beige, and white office induced feelings of sadness and depression among employees. Similar studies indicate that colors can also impact other areas:

  • Low-wavelength colors (blue + green): Improves efficiency and focus
  • Medium-wavelength colors (yellow): Creates a sense of happiness and creativity
  • High-wavelength colors (red): Increases heart rate and boosts energy

Feeling stressed? A colorful workplace emits feelings of calm. Preparing for a big sales meeting? Organizing your thoughts in a red room may give you the quick burst of energy you need. A workplace that features a variety of vibrant shades and hues helps to brighten the mood and drive productivity.

2. Breakout Spaces + Relaxation Areas

The shape of your work environment can also influence productivity. Many coworking spaces offer relaxation rooms — and for good reason. A quiet space for meditation (or naps) keeps people feeling fresh throughout the day. Putting in a long shift? A twenty-minute power nap could be the difference between a productive afternoon or hours of mental fog. Even if you’re not interested in getting some quick shut-eye, having a quiet space to relax will boost energy levels. These informal, multipurpose breakout spaces provide a much-needed reprieve from your desk.

3. Space for Innovation + Meetings

When designing an office space, it can be difficult to account for every worker’s individual needs. Some people work better in quiet while others need music to concentrate. Providing a work environment with a variety of spaces helps keep people productive, no matter their work style. Private spaces are essential to employees who need to make frequent calls and experts agree that collaborative workspaces improve overall company performance.

The most impactful interactions among coworkers happen near group desks or meeting rooms. A simple standing desk allows workers to gather around, share ideas, and collaborate. Placing these desks in high foot traffic areas encourages workers to meet, greet, and mingle.

4. Boost Productivity Through Ergonomics

Did you know that sitting for too long can lead to poor health? Poor back support or an uncomfortable seat can leave you feeling drained at the end of the day. As a result, adjustable desks have become commonplace. Electric, rise-fall desks allow workers to stretch their legs without sacrificing productivity. Choosing chairs designed with the human body in mind helps workers stave off burnt out, just as ergonomic keyboards can prevent wrist injuries.

Find the Work Environment That Works for You

Designing the perfect office is expensive, time-consuming, and probably not what a tech entrepreneur should be spending his or her time on. However, ignoring your workspace can have real productivity costs.

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